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Refrigerated Containers FAQs
What temperature can your Refrigerated Containers get to?

Generally, our Refrigerated Containers can maintain safe set point temperatures from -25 to +25 degrees celsius. Much will depend on ambient conditions like temperature and humidity, the type and condition of the product being loaded, and the overall operation of the units. Please contact our Team for more information.

Will pre-cooling the Reefer Container be better for my cargo?

Only when it’s loaded at a proper loading bay from a warehouse with identical temperatures. Pre-cooling a Reefer Container will actually have a reverse effect when cargo is loaded in higher surrounding temperatures than the internal temperature from the Refrigerated Container. Humidity always travels to the coldest point in an area, which is in this case inside the Reefer once the doors are opened. The high humidity level will delay the desired decrease in temperature as when a cooling system is switched on, humidity levels will decrease before the temperature starts to decrease. Loading pre-cooled containers in high ambient areas, with set points lower than the ambient, can even result in Reefer containers not meeting the desired set points.

Can 20ft Reefers reach lower temperatures than 40ft HC Reefers?

No, the cooling capacity is purely based on the capabilities/ characteristics of the refrigerant being used. The type of refrigerant defines the capacity.

Is a Reefer designed to cool down (or heat up) cargo to a desired set point?

No, the phrase “as Reefer is a hotel, not a hospital” is well-known. Although real life is different, Reefer Containers are actually not designed to pull down from high ambient temperatures to lower reefer set points.

Can I monitor my Refrigerated Container remotely?

Yes, this is possible. Also called “Track & Trace,” a device (modem) can be installed easily into the Reefer control box from the machine, and the end-user can subscribe directly with the provider.

Are Reefer Containers self-deploying like a Truck & Trailer machine?

No, A Reefer is fully electric and needs an external power source to operate, such as shore power, aggregate, etc.

Is there a good service network for Reefers in case we need to perform a repair or need spare parts?

Service providers in every port around the globe can help.

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