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Leasing solutions
Our scale, global coverage and creative approach allow us to offer a variety of leasing structures to suit our customers' needs.

We are the world’s largest container leasing company

At Triton, we lease five types of equipment: Dry Freight Containers, Refrigerated Containers, Special Containers, Chassis, and Tank Containers.

We offer our customers a variety of lease options designed to help them manage uncertain cargo demand, balance trade flows, manage seasonality and finance their growth. We provide equipment through various short-term and long-term leasing structures, which are often highly customized to meet our customers’ unique operating and financial objectives.

Triton’s equipment is seamlessly integrated into all global supply chains.

Long-term lease

Long-term leasing is a cost-effective option for companies to rent containers at a daily rate, keeping fleet operating costs fixed while preserving capital for other business-critical uses. We reliably offer new or used units on long-term lease across our global network.

Short-term lease

Ideal for assisting customers who take on additional business volume for a short fixed period. Our short-term leases enable them to scale up their fleet for 1- 3 years. After the term, the lease can be extended, or units can be redelivered into our depot network.

Master lease

Designed for companies that look to scale their fleet up or down based on seasonal demand. Also ideal for customers who require maximum flexibility to pick up and drop off around the world on a shorter-term basis.

Lifecycle lease

Ideal for customers looking for a very cost-effective option over the long term (14+ years). Designed for clients looking to reduce their daily container fleet operating costs while benefiting from maximum redelivery flexibility at the end of the term.

Lease purchase

Designed for customers who prefer to own their containers outright at the end of the duration of the lease.

Purchase and leaseback

For companies looking to generate immediate cash for their containers but who still need to use them for ongoing business, our purchase and leaseback option often provides the perfect solution. We can arrange to purchase your containers and then switch them to a short or longer-term bespoke lease contract. You can then return the containers to us, via our global depot network, at a time that suits you.

Sectors we often work with
At Triton we have a strategic focus on meeting the needs of our industry partners and the sectors they represent   View all sectors >
All Triton Containers are fully intermodal and are used increasingly on rail to help rationalize logistics
Integrated global logistics providers and international freight forwarding firms have come to rely on us
Our vast range of products and services have been supporting the shipping sector for over 50 years
Our extensive range of Chassis and Gensets offer a variety of solutions for moving equipment
Project shipments
Shippers will benefit from competitive costs when using Triton Containers for storage at origin and destination
We have provided large international firms with specialist container equipment for decades
Container dealers
Container dealers worldwide depend on us for quality containers, ready and available when they need them
Triton Containers can be used to securely store equipment, excess inventory, and more for short or long periods
We supply the Military and Government bodies with intermodal equipment and flexible leasing services
Our durable equipment is designed to withstand even the harshest climates and conditions
Triton Containers are supplied in clean IICL-6 condition and can be used for storage at origin or destination
We serve this sector through renting and selling Flatracks and Open Top Containers worldwide
Container housing
We provide high-quality containers to project developers, architects, and contractors for a wide range of projects
Terminal operators
Our comprehensive range of Chassis and Roll Trailers provides several options to move heavy or oversized equipment
Our temperature-controlled solutions are designed to slow down the natural deterioration of pharmaceutical products
Our global inventory includes specialist equipment specifically designed to transport heavy and oversized machinery
Cold storage
Extend the shelf-life and quality of perishable stock with our reliable temperature-controlled units
Humanitarian aid
Triton Containers can transport and store essential aid or be repurposed into critical facilities
Heavy cargo
Our global inventory of Flatracks and Roll Trailers provide various solutions for safely moving heavy cargo
High-value cargo
We frequently work with project shippers who specialize in moving high-value cargo for their clients
Bulk liquid storage
The chemical and food industry rely on Triton ISO Tanks to ship and store cargo safely and economically
Ro/Ro operators
We understand the challenges Ro/Ro vessel operators frequently face when transporting heavy or out of gauge cargo
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Triton Container Sales is the global leader in sales of used and new Dry Containers, Refrigerated Containers, Open-Top Containers, Flatracks, Chassis and Tank Containers.