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Container shown in Colbal Blue - RAL 5013
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  • Additional height provides extra internal cubic capacity, which means greater interior stacking capacity for your goods
  • Incredibly versatile and suitable for customers to modify into a wide range of applications
  • Manufactured with rust resistant corten steel
  • Secure and weatherproof, with vents to allow airflow
  • Resistant to damage and corrosion
  • Advance orders in your preferred color (minimum volume required)
  • Superior paint systems
  • Great options including 80 micron floor coating, lock boxes, waist high door locking handles
  • Triton’s industry leading new production testing and inspection criteria ensures the highest quality container
  • Moved from factory to most major ports in the world
  • Backed up by Triton’s global network of supply locations and dedicated sales and support teams
  • Available globally
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New 20ft High Cube Dry Containers for sale

With the same footprint as a Standard Dry 20ft unit, Triton 20ft High Cube Containers offer an additional height of approximately 1ft, providing a significantly greater stacking space for goods and an internal cubic capacity totaling 1,162ft³.

Triton High Cube Containers are well-equipped, vermin resistant, durable, and designed to withstand even the most desolate environments and extreme weather conditions. In addition, they are incredibly secure and frequently used to store and transport bulky machinery and equipment. The additional vertical space they offer also makes them popular with companies that experience seasonal peaks and therefore need to hold excess stock on-site securely.

Due to their simple but solid and secure construction, the military has utilized them as portable offices, barracks, and storage facilities for equipment and food supplies for decades.

New Triton 20ft High Cube Containers use superior paint systems and are typically available in blue, grey, and ivory. Alternatively, they can be manufactured in many other RAL colors when purchased in bulk. We also stock 40ft High Cube Containers and 40ft High Cube Containers with Double Doors at both ends worldwide.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our in-house equipment sales team for more information.

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Dimensions (Metric/Imperial)
External Dimensions
6,058 mm
19’ 10.5”
2,438 mm
8’ 0.0”
2,896 mm
9’ 6.0”
Internal Dimensions
5,898 mm
19’ 4.2”
2,352 mm
7’ 8.6”
2,689 mm
8’ 10.2”
Door Opening
2,343 mm
7’ 8.2”
2,585 mm
8’ 5.8”
Capacity & Weights
Inside Cubic Capacity
32.9 m3
1,162 ft3
Max Gross
30,480 kg
67,200 lbs
28,340 kg
62,480 lbs
2,140 kg
4,720 lbs

NOTE: The dimensions and door openings of all containers correspond to ISO standards. However, due to production tolerances, a difference in measurement is possible.

DISCLAIMER: Every effort is made to ensure this information is accurate, however Triton does not assume any liability for the accuracy of the information and content provided in marketing, information materials, websites, or for the consequences resulting from using the information and content provided. Triton does not guarantee or claim that said information and content is exhaustive. Claims as to the exhaustive nature of said information and content are excluded. The information and content is only provided for advertising purposes and is non-binding. No explicit or implied warranties or guarantees are made. The container displayed only represents a sample of the entire fleet.
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Sectors that frequently use this product
At Triton we have a strategic focus on meeting the needs of our industry partners and the sectors they represent
We have provided large international firms with specialist container equipment for decades
Triton Containers can be used to securely store equipment, excess inventory, and more for short or long periods
We supply the Military and Government bodies with intermodal equipment and flexible leasing services
Container housing
We provide high-quality containers to project developers, architects, and contractors for a wide range of projects
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