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Container Sales FAQs
How do we apply for sales customer registration?

Please contact our Container Sales experts in your area.

What is the meaning of CW/CSC?

Boxes are in cargoworthy condition with a valid CSC sticker for at least 12 months. All boxes are repaired in line with our TCS cargoworthy standard repair criteria. These boxes can be used for export shipments with international shipping lines.

What is the meaning of “As-Is”?

So-called “As-Is” equipment comes straight from ex-import service or ex-depot without any ‘cargoworthy’ inspections/repair measures.

What is ‘free storage’ time?

After your booking has been placed you generally have 15 free storage days to pick up your Containers. If the units have not been picked up within the given ‘free storage period’ TCS may charge you storage costs.

Do I have to pay ‘handling out’ charges to the depot?

No, TCS will pay the handling out charges to the depot at no cost to your company.

Does Triton pay for ‘waiting time’ at the depot?

TCS will generally not pay costs for waiting times at the depot. That’s the reason why your transport operator has to coordinate the pickup of the Containers with the depot directly.

Once I received the release details, can I send my trucker to the depot?

Once you have received your release details you need to have your transport operator coordinate a pickup date/time with the depot directly prior to dispatching your trucker.

Can I buy a domesticated Container from Triton?

Triton is an American co. and the sale per se is fully processed in the USA. Therefore, we are not responsible for domesticating in foreign countries. That responsibility relies fully on the buyer, as described on our sale agreement page.

Can we get photos of the containers that we can buy?

Due to the sheer volume of containers in our fleet, it's almost impossible to keep photos on file for each and every container. We do however have sample photos on our website showing the general condition/appearance of the containers we sell:

Can we have some photos of units available for sale prior to booking?

We sell units in unit type/grade, not by unit numbers. Please refer to sample photos of our products. Please contact our Container Sales experts for more information.

Can we select the specific Container(s) on-site before purchasing?

In general, Shipping Containers are released randomly within the agreed sale category. The selection of specific container(s) prior to purchase, may incur a surcharge. Please contact our Container Sales experts for more information.

Can I pick a specific color?

Containers are loaded first off the stack, however, special requests can be made via the comments tab. The request will be reviewed and you will be notified if we are able to accommodate it.

What’s the YOM of the used Containers offered for sale?

Generally, the Containers we sell are 10-15 years old, but we prefer to sell units by quality rather than by age. The Containers are still serviceable for marine and domestic applications and we grade each and every unit that we sell into the following categories:

  • Cargoworthy – Premium
  • Cargoworthy – Standard
  • IICL – New
  • IICL – Used
Can Triton provide heavy-duty units with MGW32500kgs?

We offer Containers with a range of maximum gross weight subject to availability. Please contact our Container Sales experts for more information.

Can Triton arrange to move in units if there is no stock available?

Subject to availability at neighborhood locations and one-way opportunities, we may be able to help to move in units. Please contact our Container Sales Team for more information.

Can Triton sell units at locations where there are no Triton depots?

A direct sale option is available at certain ports. Please contact our Container Sales Team for more information.

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