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General FAQs
What if we require additional services like trucking or door-to-door delivery for my purchased containers?

We provide value-added logistics services subject to the customer’s requirements. Please contact our Container Sales experts for more information.

Can Triton arrange surveys of units on behalf of customers?

We are usually able to provide a survey service on behalf of customers subject to the pick-up location. Please contact our Container Sales Team for more information.

If we need to transport the containers to a designated location, will Triton be able to assist?

Depending on the delivery address, we can engage our depot/logistics partners to move the units via road/sea. Please note, this would incur additional costs.

Invoices and payments
Do we need to pay invoices in USD/EUR or even local currencies?

We accept payments in USD for international business or in EUR for bookings ex Europe.

To which banks do we have to pay USD/EUR invoices?

USD invoices to be paid to the Bank of America in New York. EUR invoices to be paid to the Bank of America in London.

Which payment methods does Triton accept?

We accept two methods of payment. ACH and Wire Transfer.

Can we pay for containers using a local bank account in local currency, as international money wire payments are subjected to extra scrutiny and experience delays in being received and activating releases?

We require payment in USD via wire transfer into our USD Bank Account, the details of which you can find on our sale invoices. On exceptional occasions, a request can be made to the AVP via your Sales Manager for a sale release to be activated based on providing a copy of the payment remittance from your bank.

Can Triton accept payments in local currency?

We accept payments in USD/EUR/GBP (subject to booking conditions). Please contact our Container Sales experts for more information.

Does Triton have an option for online payments for containers purchased on the TCS portal?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this payment option at the moment. All payments must be to the bank account listed on our sale invoices via wire payment.

Why don’t I get a credit note? The new invoice with an amount of $0.00 or a reduced amount is not correct per our accounting dept?

Our system does not generate a credit note but updates the original invoice by deleting containers that have been canceled and adding the “new” corrected sale price.

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