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Our temperature-controlled units are designed to slow down the natural deterioration of pharmaceutical products.

Portable cold storage you can rely on

Store critical supplies at optimum temperatures. Cold chain transport relies on being able to reliably move freight in a consistent temperature-controlled environment throughout its journey.

Reliable temperature control

Transporting pharmaceutical products between locations with drastic external temperature variations can be challenging. A temperature variation of as little as a few degrees can be enough to compromise an entire shipment, potentially creating significant losses and reputational damage. However, we can help significantly reduce this risk as Triton Reefers are designed to withstand even the most extreme environments. With potential temperatures ranging between -30C and +30C, it is possible to precisely control the internal climate of our containers to provide the optimum environment for pharmaceutical goods.

Advanced technology

Built with the latest microprocessors to maintain a consistent temperature, Triton Refrigerated Containers are bacteria resistant, efficient, practical, and have low noise generation. Available globally, they can be ordered with Carrier, Starcool, Daikin, or Thermo King machinery.

Additional track & trace

Track & trace devices can be installed on request. This feature enables the operator to control and change parameters remotely and monitor for malfunctions and other vital data.

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Our fleet of over 7 million twenty-foot equivalents (TEU) of containers, encompasses a full range of intermodal equipment for lease and sale.
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Triton Container Sales is the global leader in sales of used and new Dry Containers, Refrigerated Containers, Open-Top Containers, Flatracks, Chassis and Tank Containers.
We offer a variety of lease options designed to help our customers manage uncertain cargo demand, balance trade flows, manage seasonality and finance their growth.