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High-value cargo
We frequently work with project shippers who specialize in moving high-value cargo for their clients.

Providing equipment specifically designed
for high-value cargo

High-value cargo can require specialist equipment and additional precautions to ensure shipments arrive at their destination safely. At Triton, we lease and sell a wide range of products designed specifically for this purpose.

Equipment available worldwide

Our range of equipment can provide the perfect solution for moving or shipping high-value cargo, such as yachts, cars, or helicopters.

Yachts and boats

Triton Roll Trailers allow for minimal handling, reducing the risk of damage. With capacities between 60-120 tons and lengths ranging from 40ft to 62ft, they can accommodate a vast range of vessels.

Alternatively, Triton Flatracks (with flush folding end walls) and Open Tops (with protective tarpaulins) are also designed to move cargo that cannot fit within the constraints of a standard container. They are available in 20ft and 40ft lengths.


Triton 62ft Roll Trailers with rails provide an economical solution to facilitate the safe transportation of railcars and ensure they can be loaded and unloaded efficiently.

Cars and vehicles

Vehicles can be shipped using Roll Trailers, Flatracks, and Dry Containers. The best method is dependent on several factors, including the type of vehicle, its size, and its destination. However, 20ft and 40ft Triton Dry Containers are often more cost-effective for moving cars than other methods and help ensure the car and its contents are kept safe and secure.

Renewable energy equipment

Equipment used within the renewable energy sector is frequently high- value and oversized. In particular, wind turbines are rapidly becoming larger and therefore more challenging to move. In particular, key components such as nacelles and turbine tower sections often require specialist transport equipment, such as Roll Trailers, Flatracks, and Dry Containers.

All of our products undergo routine maintenance and inspections to ensure they consistently perform to our high standards. In addition, our leasing agreements are designed to support our customers' operational and financial objectives.

We also sell used products in a variety of conditions, including “As-Is” and “Cargoworthy” export standards.

Products frequently used in this sector
Our fleet of over 7 million twenty-foot equivalents (TEU) of containers, encompasses a full range of intermodal equipment for lease and sale.
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20ft Flush
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40ft Flush
Folding Flatracks
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40ft Roll
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62ft Roll Trailers
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Triton Container Sales is the global leader in sales of used and new Dry Containers, Refrigerated Containers, Open-Top Containers, Flatracks, Chassis and Tank Containers.
We offer a variety of lease options designed to help our customers manage uncertain cargo demand, balance trade flows, manage seasonality and finance their growth.