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  • Designed for the transport of 40ft and 45ft ISO containers
  • Rugged, versatile and dependable
  • Chassis available in “road worthy” condition with current FHWA inspection certificate
  • Alternatively can be sold in “as is” condition, for those looking to do their own repairs or tire swaps
  • In most cases chassis can be made available for survey, or pictures can be provided on request
  • Backed up by Triton’s global network of supply locations and dedicated sales and support teams
  • Supply throughout North America from an industry leader

Used 40ft-45ft Extendable
Gooseneck Chassis for sale

Dependable, multi-purpose, and available in a range of conditions, Triton used 40ft-45ft Extendable Gooseneck Chassis have a retracted position of 40' 8" and an extended position of 45' 8". They are specifically designed to move 40ft and 45ft ISO Containers from container terminals to off-dock/inland locations.

With a tare weight of 7,300 lbs, Triton Gooseneck Chassis are constructed from lightweight materials yet are extremely strong. This design helps make container transportation more manageable and efficient.

Triton roadworthy Chassis are suitable for immediate use; they are supplied with modern features and FHWA inspection certificates to authenticate their condition. We can also provide Extendable Gooseneck Chassis in an “As-Is” condition, suitable for companies that have mechanics within their team.

The Triton Container Sales team manages the retirement of our lease fleet. We also buy and sell Chassis and containers acquired from third parties. Our current Chassis inventory is available throughout North America and includes 20' Slider Chassis, 40' Gooseneck Chassis, 45' Gooseneck Chassis, and 53' Gooseneck Chassis.

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Dimensions (Metric/Imperial)
Overall Length
Retracted Position
Extended Position
12,395 mm
13,919 mm
40’ 8”
45’ 8”
Overall Width
2,438 mm
Fifth Wheel Height
1,219 mm
Rear Deck Height
1,219 mm
Tare Weight
3,311 kg
7,300 lbs
Gross Vehicle
weight Rating
33,793 kg
74,500 lbs
Radial Tires
LED Lights

NOTE: The dimensions and door openings of all containers correspond to ISO standards. However, due to production tolerances, a difference in measurement is possible.

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