Triton began operations in the intermodal container leasing business in 1980 with some very specific ideas about the kind of company we wanted to be. The most compelling of those ideas was quality. It still is. Perhaps that's because we've got some pretty convincing evidence that it works:

  • In an industry known for its challenging economic environment, Triton has operated for over 30 years, serving our customers and growing our fleet.
  • The Triton fleet has grown to become the largest lessor-owned fleet of marine intermodal cargo containers in the world, with an original equipment cost of approximately $4.0 billion and an average age profile that is one of the youngest in the industry.
  • Triton's successful performance has enabled us to grow and upgrade our container fleet and worldwide service network and has provided the resources enabling us to develop new product offerings and to expand our capabilities in areas such as Wholesale.

The idea of quality is woven through the five key components of our corporate strategy. Quality defines the kind of customers we serve and drives the ways we continue to build our fleet, recruit and motivate our people, manage information, and make financial decisions.

The terms "Triton," "we," "us" and "our" refer to Triton International Limited, Hamilton, Bermuda, and our consolidated subsidiaries. To contact Triton, click on Contact Us.