Not all containers are created equal. Triton's superior quality containers save our customers money by lowering maintenance costs, increasing payloads, and improving dependability. We knew from the outset that there was only one way to achieve that kind of equipment quality: take charge of every detail. Our own engineers design Triton's containers and supervise their construction – to specifications that exceed the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (“ISO”). We've built our entire fleet that way.

Triton engineers carefully select manufacturing facilities to build Triton containers and closely supervise all the early stages of production to ensure that Triton’s container specifications are met. Independent inspectors and classification societies are hired to perform inspections during and upon completion of the manufacturing process.

Triton’s dry van, open top, and flat rack containers are built with corten steel that has undergone closely supervised shot blasting and coating processes to maximize corrosion resistance. Triton’s refrigerated containers are constructed of stainless steel or aluminum and are designed for thermal efficiency and low air leakage, thereby lowering repair and energy costs. New production reefers are equipped with the latest refrigeration technology, which includes a temperature controlled microprocessor and ozone-friendly refrigerant (R134A).

Triton's engineers are also heavily involved in developing new technologies to ensure the quality of our construction and have introduced innovative tools to the container manufacturing sector. We have invested heavily in developing and testing alternative construction materials to lessen the environmental impact of building and operating containers while retaining our high level of equipment quality.